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Charles Barkley Announces He's Staying On Inside The NBA After Rejecting Offer To Join LIV Golf

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Besides Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving potentially leaving the Brooklyn Nets or Rudy Gobert actually leaving the Utah Jazz, it looked like we were about to see another shocking departure within the NBA community. The difference, however, was that this didn't involve an active player, but a former star who currently works as an analyst. 

Charles Barkley has exceeded in his job on TNT's Inside the NBA, becoming one of the most entertaining analysts out there. The former NBA MVP has talked about his desire to retire once his current contract expires, but many people feared he would have left NBA on TNT even before that happened. 

In recent weeks, Barkley was linked to a move to LIV Golf, and it seemed like things were really serious for the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns legend. Well, the rumors were put to rest today, as Barkley announced he's not going anywhere. 

Via Andrew Marchand of The New York Post:

"I want to thank Greg Norman and LIV for their interest in me," Barkley said in a phone interview. “I wish those guys great success and nothing but the best. But, in my best interest, and being fair to Turner — because Turner and basketball have given me every single thing in my life. It is best for me to move on, and I’m staying with Turner for the rest of my TV career.”

Amid controversy linked to the people who are backing LIV Golf, Chuck made it clear his decision has nothing to do with that, as he's simply honoring his commitment to TNT and his sponsors.

“My No. 1 priority is to be fair to Turner and my sponsors, to be honest with you,” Barkley said. “I couldn’t just keep them holding on so I made up my mind (Thursday) night. I was like, ‘Make a decision and live with it.’”

“I sat down with a couple of [LIV] people,” Barkley said. “I told them, ‘When I told you, I was going to talk to you today, one way or the other, and I stick to my word, always. I’m not going to be unfair to Turner. I’m not going to be unfair to my sponsors. This is the decision – and that’s it.’”

Chuck makes a lot of money thanks to his appearances on TNT, and he gets paid a lot by his sponsors, too. He knows where his loyalty is, but this also means it was a business decision for the legendary power forward. If somebody was worried about not seeing Barkley talking about the NBA on a daily basis, you're free to relax now. He's not going anywhere.