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Charles Barkley Compared Draymond Green To Dennis Rodman: "I Want To Play With You, You'd Be Annoying As F*** To Play Against."

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Draymond Green is well-known for being one of the best defenders among this generation of basketball players. While he did not appear in the 2022 All-Star Game, he was selected for it prior to getting replaced due to injury. On top of his DPOY-caliber defense, Draymond Green is viewed as a top-tier playmaker. The Golden State Warriors are simply not the same team without his contributions all over the floor. Currently, Draymond Green is putting up 7.9 PPG, 7.6 RPG, and 7.4 APG.

Charles Barkley has recently compared Draymond Green to Dennis Rodman when making an appearance on an episode of Green's podcast. Barkley claimed that he'd want to play with Green, but added that Green would be "annoying" to play against on the court. (35:00)

You remind me a lot of Dennis Rodman. Like, I want to play with you, you would be annoying as f*ck to play against... He's somebody I really like a lot, and respect, you're the same way.

There is no question that the two have similarities in their styles of play. Both players are considered among the best defenders in their respective eras. Both are often credited with doing the little things that help their teams win on the court as well. Warriors coach Steve Kerr notably claimed that Dennis Rodman would be Draymond Green in this era, so Charles Barkley isn't the only person to notice the similarities between the two players.

Dennis Rodman could guard anyone in today's league. He'd be the best at switching on to guards and staying in front. He'd be Draymond Green. It's a perfect analogy.

The Golden State Warriors have clearly missed Draymond Green's defense and playmaking. They are 4-6 in their last 10 games, and their quality of play is noticeably different from earlier in the season when they looked unstoppable on both ends of the floor.

While they may have struggled recently, there is no doubt that the Golden State Warriors should be viewed as a contender. Hopefully, we see Draymond Green return sooner rather than later, and help the team compete for another championship.