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Charles Barkley Flames Russell Westbrook In Hilarious Roast: "Great Basketball Player By Night, Bank Robber By Day."

Russell Westbrook

While Russell Westbrook often gets a lot of heat for his performance on the basketball court, his fashion choices might be even more controversial.

Over the course of his career, he has made a name for himself as one of the league's flashiest dressers and it can often lead to some funny moments.

Ahead of Thursday night's game against the Clippers, Westbrook was caught wearing another one of his unique outfits and it sparked a lot of attention online.

Naturally, the TNT crew had a field day when they saw what he was wearing, and cracked some pretty jokes as he was walking down the tunnel.

The way his face is covered almost makes it look like he's getting ready to rob a bank. On the bright side, it also probably keeps his face nice and warm from the chilly February air. 

But this outfit is just par for the course when it comes to Westbrook. In fact, this one is tame compared to some of the other stuff he's worn over the years.

When he posted a picture of himself in a skirt, for example, it drew incredible backlash from people all over the country, who gathered to condemn his fashion choice.

"There's two ways you could go. You can bite the apple and wear them muthaf---ing dresses like Russell Westbrook or whatever the f-ck his name is, I don't even wanna say his name no more.

But this ain't his first time in a dress so I don't know why people so alarmed. He's been wearing dresses and weird a-- sh-t. Just cause this n-gga can jump high and play basketball. Not no n-gga I ever grew up and messed around with gonna be walking around in the streets with a dress on and some muthaf---ing boots and keep my respect. and say he heterosexual. Now if he gay, cool I don't give a f-ck.

But when you say you a heterosexual male and that's what you do, then f-ck you and that's my opinion."

Kudos to Russ for genuinely not caring about what other people think. One of the best things about the star guard is that he lives his life just like he plays the game: his way. He's going to be himself, no matter where he's at or who he is around.

So while some of the stuff he wears isn't everybody's cup of tea, it's not going to stop him from donning his unique apparel. For us fans, we at least get to enjoy some good jokes out of it...