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CJ McCollum Lists The Top 5 Most Unstoppable Moves In NBA History

Credit: CJ McCollum

Credit: CJ McCollum

CJ McCollum has been trying to entertain NBA fans in recent days after the league decided to suspend the season due to the coronavirus outbreak. He took over the NBA official Instagram account with Damian Lillard earlier this week to talk with fans, giving them one of the most hilarious moments of the season.

Now, he’s kept his pace and engaged with fans to discuss a very interesting topic. CJ took to Twitter to talk about the 5 most unstoppable moves in NBA history.

He put Allen Iverson’s crossover, Michael Jordan’s fadeaway, Manu Ginobili’s eurostep, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook and Hakeem Olajuwon’s dream shake. All these moves are well remembered by NBA fans; they shocked everybody and somehow changed the way players attacked the rim and how defenders approached their rivals.

McCollum asked what moves he was forgetting, with some naming Tim Duncan’s bank shot and Dirk Nowitzki’s one-legged fadeaway, a move that plenty of stars have adopted.

The NBA is always evolving and players are the main responsible for that. All those moves shaped the game we watch right now and it’s hard to pick only one of them. Still, they are memorable and it’s up to every person to pick a single one.

This type of debate entertains fans while the league returns. The coronavirus hit the association and it’s unclear if we’ll see some basketball again this season. In the meantime, players try to get distracted and distract fans from all the bad things happening in the world.