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Clippers Big Man Serge Ibaka: "Will You Believe Now I’m Telling You We Will Also Win The Series?"

Clippers Big Man Serge Ibaka- "Will You Believe Now I’m Telling  You We Will Also Win The Series?"

Entering Game 3, virtually all hope was lost for Los Angeles Clippers. Facing an 0-2 hole with the series headed back to Dallas, it was a huge, must-win game for the franchise that had enormous implications.

The Clippers responded in a big way, thanks to huge performances from their stars.

The series is now at 2-1 in Dallas' favor, and while many still doubt LA's ability to bounce back, Serge Ibaka is confident that his squad will pull through in the end.

It was a pretty mixed reaction from the fans...

The Clippers have been the subject of hate and scrutiny for the past two seasons, and it was earned at first. After all the talking they did, to lose in the Semi-Finals after blowing a 3-1 lead was welcoming the hate, and it was only by winning that they would silence the crowd.

This time, the backlash will be worse if they get knocked out in round one. But after being knocked on their feet early in the first quarter, the team stayed composed and scraped out a huge victory.

Credit to Serge for believing, and we will see soon enough if he gets rewarded for it in the end.