Damian Lillard Calls Out Reporter Claiming He's Asking A Trade Request: "I’m The Ultimate Source"

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Damian Lillard is done with all the false reports about his future with the Portland Trail Blazers. A couple of days after expressing his desire to stay with the franchise, rumors keep going suggesting he's ready to depart. 

Even after he denied these rumors, people haven't stopped and Dame has had enough of that. The All-Star point guard didn't have more choice than to call out one of the reporters who suggested he'll request a trade and 'forgo paychecks' to get traded to a contender. 

Henry Abbott of True Hoops has apparently become the number one enemy of Lillard, as the player took things personally and called Abbott out for spreading false rumors. 

"Who names their site TrueHoop? My whole career is about the truth. Of course I have never published a made-up story, and never will. If you think somebody is lying about this Damian Lillard situation, look elsewhere," Abbott tweeted.

Dame didn't like those words and fired back, saying that he is the ultimate source of information. Therefore, he's the one with the last word on whatever is happening to him. 

Now ask yourself that same question about me. I’ve been transparent for a decade..I never denied where I stood following the season… don’t loop me in becuz of the state of the game right now. What you are reporting is simply not the facts bro. I’m the ultimate source.

This situation keeps going, and Dame isn't backing down. After Abbott told him to be careful about his claims, Lillard took offense to that. 

This is not a good-looking situation. We've seen players like Kevin Durant going at it with reporters in the past, and it seems like Lillard took a page of KD's book. 

Still, it's hard to see people trying to create fake news about you when you've repeatedly stated something. We can't imagine how frustrating this is for Dame, but he's tired of this entire situation.