Damian Lillard Has Had More 30 Points And 10 Assists Games Than Larry Bird, Just One Behind Michael Jordan

Damian Lillard Has Had More 30 Points And 10 Assists Games Than Larry Bird, Just One Behind Michael Jordan

Damian Lillard is one of the best scorers in the league. The Portland Trail Blazers superstar can casually drop 30+ points on any given night to help his team win the game. As a result, he has established a reputation as a superb point guard in the modern era.

But when focusing on scoring, most players kind of fail to maintain a similar effect in the other columns of the box score. Not Lillard, apart from scoring, he can handle facilitating duties quite well too. 

This phenomenal ability to both score and assist at will has helped him gain a pretty amazing record. Currently, Lillard has 37 such games where he scored 30 or more points and 10 or more assists in the same game.

He ranks 14th all-time on this list and is two spots ahead of NBA legend Larry Bird. While passing Bird is a huge achievement on its own, Lillard has a chance to further improve his legacy in the 2021-22 NBA season.

Right ahead of the Blazers guard, sits none other than 'His Airness' Michael Jordan with 38 such games to his name. If all goes well, Lillard can quite easily get past MJ on this list. 

Apart from Jordan, Dame can also get ahead of Kevin Johnson and Dwyane Wade, who has 39 and 40 such games, respectively. Now, you might be wondering can he reach the top? Well, it seems a bit of a pipe dream, even for Lillard. NBA Hall of Fame Oscar Robertson sits at the top with 227 games where he managed to get a stat line of 30 points and 10 assists!

This stat simply proves how amazing Lillard has been playing for the last few years. The only thing that will further decorate his resume is winning an NBA championship.

The Blazers are trying to improve their chances of winning a ring by adding Ben Simmons to the roster. Although many reports suggest the duo of Lillard and Simmons could form, a few members inside the organization feel this might be a bad move.

Regardless, what are your expectations from the Blazers this season? Feel free to share your thoughts.