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Damian Lillard Hilariously Asks Mikey Williams To Go To Prom

Damian Lillard Hilariously Asks Mikey Williams To Go To Prom

Damian Lillard, as usual, has been very active on social media. The Portland Trail Blazers superstar is always interacting with fans, other players, and even emerging rappers that try their luck with the 2021 All-Star player.

He probably helped somebody made a big decision in recent hours, as he urged Mikey Williams, one of the most exciting high school players in America, to go to prom and enjoy his time while he's still young. When Williams expressed his desire to hit the gym instead of going to prom, Lillard showed up and asked him to pick the first option.

"I told someone the other day I'm not going to prom. I'm going to the gym. What prom is going to do for me?" Williams said.

Lillard just told him to go to prom and that was it. It's unknown when this prom is going to happen but the 30-year-old point guard wants Mikey to attend the event and enjoy himself. This type of attitude is very admirable for the 16-year-old but sometimes you have to take a break from basketball.

Those words remind you of Kobe Bryant and how he used to tell rivals and teammates that he was going to the gym after the game instead of going clubbing. If he keeps that same focus after he made it to the league, Williams is ready to have a very good career in the association.

According to ESPN, he's considered the 5th best prospect in the 2023 draft class but it's obvious that he wants to become the best of the best in the upcoming years.