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Damian Lillard Names Kevin Durant The Best Player In The World

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Damian Lillard is one of the most active NBA players on social media. The Portland Trail Blazers superstar isn't afraid of speaking his mind, even taking to Twitter to shut down rumors about his rumored exit from the Portland Trail Blazers. 

The point guard constantly engages in debates with fans, and Saturday night wasn't the exception. Even though he must have been at his wedding, Dame didn't miss the chance to take a look at Twitter and see what people were commenting.

One trainer reacted to a video of Kevin Durant dribbling eight times before getting past his defender, calling out people who blast 'over dribbling.' 

“Why I laugh at these 🤡 ’s when they say only use 1-3 dribbles ….this is 8 by the best player in the world … please stop the over dribbling talk…maybe just maybe his handle is part of what he’s working on 🤷‍♂️ ..prob why his handle is elite.”

Dame responded to this person, Tyler Ralph, pointing out that nobody has the talent of Kevin Durant, indeed the best player in the world. 

"Everybody doesn’t have the luxury the best player in the world has lol… which is why ppl can’t just over dribble. But I get it," Dame tweeted. 

Then they continued the exchange, with Ralph saying that was the right thing to do if KD is looking to improve his handles. 

“Talking in realms of training … if players need to work their handles and multiple combinations is fine… this clip is him training and that was point if handles are the focus multiple dribbles is cool… in games every player doesn’t have that luxury i agree”.

Dame played with Kevin Durant in the 2021 Summer Olympics, taking home the gold medal after an ascending tournament for Team USA. The best player in the world debate has been around since KD returned to the league last season. 

He and LeBron James failed to lead their teams to the promised land in the playoff. Still, several people, including Dame Dolla, are convinced the 2x NBA champion is the best player alive right now.