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Dennis Rodman Once Kicked The Ball Off A Fan's Face During A Game Against The Sonics: "Fans Were Tougher In That Era"

Dennis Rodman Once Kicked The Ball Off A Fan's Face During A Game Against The Sonics: "Fans Were Tougher In That Era"

Dennis Rodman was an eccentric character even by the standards of the 1990s, which is saying something. He played by his own rules both on the court and off it, which resulted in a lot of crazy stories coming out about him over the years. Of all the stories, perhaps the wildest one was when he claimed that he was marrying himself in 1996, and we can only imagine how people would have reacted if he was doing all this stuff nowadays.

While a lot of the stories are somewhat hilarious, Rodman was also known as a dirty player on the court, and he wasn't always in control of his emotions. He once kicked a cameraman in 1997, which resulted in an 11-game suspension, and he had to pay $200,000 as a settlement. Kicking is something he had resorted to in the past as well as shown by a clip shared on Reddit by u/ToronoRapture. In a game against the Sonics on November 6th, 1990, a frustrated Rodman kicked the ball off a fan's head after failing to score on a layup.

Redditors reacted to another classic Rodman moment right there and joked that fans were tougher back then.

"Fans were tougher in that era"

"Fans of that era sat with plumbers and farmers, not millionaires and tech gurus"

"Mans woulda been suspended for half the season nowadays while having to pay for the fan's concussion protocol. League soft fam."

"This video should be posted in the comments every time someone doesn't understand that the NBA in the late 80s and early 90s was a different beast than today's NBA.
Even the fans were tougher."

"It looks like he may have even grazed a fans' face with his foot too.In 2022, that's at least a 20 game suspension. Probably more like 40 or 50. And quite possibly an assault charge or two.
But there they all were, just moving on with the game."

"Draymond Green energy"

"Funny thing is without a date I would wonder which game . He got into a few fan altercations."

While you would chalk that off as an unfortunate accident when it comes to most players, Rodman's nature means you just can't be sure what was going through his mind. He was clearly frustrated at that moment and lashed out a bit, but thankfully nothing much came of it.

Unlike the incident in 1997, there was no suspension or fine this time around, but we clearly see that he didn't learn his lesson from back then, or else the cameraman incident would have never taken place. You had to take the good with the bad when it came to Rodman, and we are sure the Pistons and the Bulls didn't mind, as they won championships thanks to his contributions.