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Derrick Rose On Being A Sixth Man Of The Year Candidate: "It's Cool, But It's More Cool Being In The Playoffs."

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Derrick Rose is a player who has undoubtedly been through a long process in his career. He was the youngest MVP ever, but injuries robbed him of his prime. Despite that, he is still an extremely capable point guard. He averaged 14.9 PPG, 2.9 RPG, and 4.2 APG during his regular-season time with the New York Knicks, while also being one of the core players that propelled them to a playoff appearance.

Despite the fact that Derrick Rose doesn't start anymore, he still has plenty left in the tank and made a huge winning impact as the New York Knicks sixth man. That has landed him in a position where he's one of the finalists for the position. Derrick Rose has commented on that matter and said that being a candidate for the award was good, but being in the playoffs was even better.

The playoffs are a goal for most teams, and players usually play to win. For a veteran like Rose, coming back to the playoffs after a brief hiatus is always welcome. Derrick Rose's value will show in the playoffs. He is an experienced veteran, that has gone toe-to-toe with stars like LeBron James in the past. He knows what it takes.

The New York Knicks are a team full of young talent, with Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, and Immanuel Quickley all being capable players. However, they need a veteran leader who's been in the playoffs and can teach them what to prepare for. Derrick Rose is that player, and whether the Knicks win or lose, they'll always make it competitive.