Devin Booker Officially Owns LeBron James' Last Game-Worn No. 23 Lakers Jersey

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Devin Booker took to massive Ws when he beat LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the 2021 NBA playoffs. The shooting guard was on a tear against the Californians, dominating them and beating them in three straight games.

After his team won the series in six games, Book shared a heartfelt moment with LeBron James, with the King gifting his jersey to the Suns' star. 

Following the announcement that Bron is changing numbers, returning to No. 6 again, NBA fans noticed that Booker now owns the last game-worn No. 23 LeBron jersey. 

This is incredible, and the jersey's value just went through the roof. Although Book won't ever sell it, NBA fans quickly point out he has a lot of money at home with the signed jersey. Others decided to troll LeBron for changing his number after losing to the Suns. 

While Book continues his dominance in the playoffs, LeBron is getting ready for the next season, where the Lakers will try to get their revenge.