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Donovan Mitchell Says Darius Garland Should Be An All-Star: "What He's Doing Is Next Level."

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Darius Garland

Darius Garland has been one of the emerging young talents this year, and his improvement is part of the reason for the Cleveland Cavaliers becoming a playoff-level team. Currently, Garland is putting up 19.1 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 7.6 APG. There's no doubt that he's a fantastic point guard.

Donovan Mitchell has recently spoken out on Darius Garland after the Utah Jazz's loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers and claimed that the Cavaliers point guard should be an All-Star this season, adding that Garland has an impact when he's not shooting the ball well, and claiming that "what he's doing is next level".

Donovan Mitchell, on one of his Cavs backcourt counterparts: "Darius Garland should be in the All-Star Game. Even not shooting the ball well [tonight], you saw the impact he had. What he's doing is next-level."

If the Cleveland Cavaliers retain their positioning in the standings, there's no reason for Darius Garland not to be an All-Star. He is putting up All-Star production on a winning team, so it makes sense for him to be selected. Donovan Mitchell isn't the only one who has stated that Darius Garland should be an All-Star. Kendrick Perkins is clearly high on the young guard, as he has previously claimed that Darius Garland should be an All-Star, and went as far as saying Garland is the 2nd best point guard in the Eastern Conference. It's clear that both players and analysts are on the same page regarding how good Garland is.

We'll see how well the Cleveland Cavaliers do going forward, but with Darius Garland's ascension and good contributions from players like Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen, they have been a stellar defensive team. In the playoffs, they'll provide a tough and physical matchup for any team, and it'll be entertaining to see them in the postseason.