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Draymond Green And Kevin Durant Open Up On Their Infamous On-Court Altercation

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant reunited and discussed a lot of topics recently, and they had plenty to say. But, everybody wanted to know what really went down after they got into each other's face in 2018 during a regular-season game that the Warriors lost against the Los Angeles Clippers.

KD wasn't happy with how things went after Green refused to pass him the ball; he went to the bench fuming and then things got out of control with the pair engaging in an altercation that a lot of people believed was the end of Durant's tenure with the Dubs.

Via Complex:

After Durant scolded Green for not passing him the ball, Green said “Hey, motherf*cker I do this too! I was going to give your ass the ball if you weren’t bitching! I do this too!”

That’s when DeMarcus Cousins pulled Green away, and told him to “shut the f*ck up.”

“No, that’s bullshit,” Green responded, on the latest edition of KD's podcast 'The ETCs'. “Nobody says shit to K. All he had to do was f*cking run, and I would have pitched him the f*cking ball back.” Durant basically corroborated Green’s account of the incident, proving that despite their pasts, the two players are still on good terms.

As we witnessed on the podcast, they still have a good relationship despite what happened on the court. They are two very competitive players and it was understandable that their personalities would clash at some point. In the end, they had a very good tenure together, winning two NBA championships in three trips to the Finals.

Green has always praised KD, calling him the best scorer ever and Durant is always showing his love and respect for the Warriors. That was a pretty huge incident but now that's in the past and these two are friends, trying to lead their respective teams to the postseason this year.