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Draymond Green Brushes Off Concerns About Warriors After They Lose Game 1: "We Pretty Much Dominated The Game For The First 41, 42 Minutes. We'll Be Fine."

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The Boston Celtics have managed to defeat the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The game was close throughout, but the Boston Celtics managed to pull away in the 4th quarter after a 17-0 run, with the game finishing 120-108.

A lot of Golden State Warriors fans have been concerned about this game, due to the Warriors losing at home. However, Draymond Green seems as though he's unconcerned, pointing out that the Warriors were dominant for the majority of the game, and added that the team will "be fine".

Draymond Green: "We pretty much dominated the game for the first 41, 42 minutes. So, we’ll be fine."

Hopefully, we see the Golden State Warriors bounce back from this game and win Game 2 at home. They do not want to be dealing with being down 2-0 and going into Boston for Game 3. It is quite likely that we'll see Stephen Curry show up offensively, but the Golden State Warriors need more from the rest of their roster in terms of scoring, as they went scoreless for a large portion of the 4th quarter.

There is no doubt that the Boston Celtics will be tough to beat, and they have a variety of great defensive players surrounding their two stars in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Draymond Green even admitted that the Celtics are a championship-caliber team ahead of the game, and there's no doubt that Green realize the challenge that they pose for the Golden State Warriors. 

This series could still go either way, and we'll see who ends up coming out on top. Both teams are elite defensive teams who play high-level basketball, and if this game is any indication, then the series will be close. This has definitely been an entertaining start to the Finals, and hopefully, more good basketball is on the way.