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Draymond Green Predicts Warriors Will Matchup Against The Boston Celtics In NBA Finals

Draymond Green Predicts Warriors Will Matchup Against The Boston Celtics In NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors are on their way to their 6th Finals in the last 8 seasons, an incredible feat for a team that many thought would not be able to climb back up to this level after the injuries that derailed them for the last two seasons and Kevin Durant leaving for the Brooklyn Nets in 2019.

They have made it back to the NBA Finals by beating the Dallas Mavericks in five games, that too in a convincing fashion. But, can they have that same success against the team that meets them in the Finals coming out of the East?

With the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics both playing still, the Warriors could face either opponent. However, Draymond Green has hedged his bets and declared that it will most likely be Boston, the team that has the 3-2 series advantage right now. 

"I think both teams are tough. I think Boston will cause us problems, especially offensively. Their defense is incredible... If you wanna ask me who we wanna play, I'm going to tell you who we're gonna play. We're gonna play Boston."

Draymond's confidence makes a lot of sense. The Celtics have been a very strong team in 2022, shaking off a bad start to the season and becoming one of the best teams in the entire league. While they have lost some shocking games in against the Heat, they have all the momentum against an injury-riddled Miami team that cannot score on their defense.

The Warriors should be wary of this matchup, because the Celtics don't have the same roster deficiencies as the Mavericks. Golden State won't be able to use Kevon Looney to punish the inside with Robert Williams being in the way. The same goes for the success many other players had, as Boston is a well-oiled defensive unit with mercurial offensive talents in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. This is going to be a fun series if Boston can close the Heat out.