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Draymond Green Reportedly Wants A Max Contract Extension From The Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green Reportedly Wants A Max Contract Extension From The Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green has been enjoying the Golden State Warriors' victory in the NBA championship perhaps more than any other player on the roster. During the seasons that the Warriors were struggling with injuries and other issues, Green received heavy criticism for his inability to be able to carry the team. So since they clinched their 4th championship in 8 years, Green has been as loud as his haters have been

One of the challenges for the Warriors has been trying to retain their best players following their win, and the team has already lost Gary Payton II to the Blazers in free agency. And most fans would expect that even if they lose out on some role players, they will be able to keep Green on the roster, considering that he is a part of the core that has brought 4 titles to the franchise. 

However, the latest reports that have come out make it seem like this will be easier said than done. As per The Athletic's Marcus Thompson, Draymond is looking for a maximum contract extension from the team moving forward. 

"Green, according to sources, wants and believes he deserves a maximum contract extension from the Warriors. Aug. 3 is when he is eligible to sign a four-year deal. That is his desired length.

"After playing like the Defensive Player of the Year frontrunner before injury shortened his regular season, after helping lead the Warriors to a fourth championship in eight seasons, Green is convinced the core of the Warriors’ dynasty is worth every possible penny, and that definitely includes him."

Draymond's current deal includes a player option worth $27.5 million for the 2023-24 season, meaning that he will be able to decline it if he so wishes at the end of the next campaign. Giving him a max contract alongside the money Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are already making, plus the contracts Wiggins, Poole, and the other youngsters might demand in the future might not be viable for the franchise. It would seem that the Warriors have quite a decision on their hands.