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Draymond Green Reveals How His Interaction With Tom Brady Happened After Winning Olympic Gold Medal

Draymond Green

Even though some people see them as superhuman or big-time celebrities, NBA players are just like everybody else -- except they make 100x times more money than everybody else.

But they also grew up idolizing other athletes and can be starstruck from time to time.

If you don't take our word for it, just ask Draymond Green, who recently told the story of how Team USA was in disbelief after FaceTiming with Tom Brady after winning the gold medal in the Olympics:

(Transcript via Esentially Sports)

“He dm’ed me, like ‘Yo, Congrats. Let’s f**king go.’ And I’m looking at it like ‘Oh s**t’. So I hit him up like ‘Yo, appreciate it, the fellas wanna face time you.’ Sent my number, he called in ten seconds.

“I think we all feel the same way, Brady the GOAT man.”

“It was Book’s idea like ‘I’m about to screenshot it’. So, Book takes a screenshot, now everybody who just talked to him are like, ‘Hand me that back, hand me that back.’ Everybody get the screenshot. They kept asking me like, ‘Yo, send the screenshot’.

“So I posted my s**t then sent them theirs.”

For those who need some context, Tom Brady is widely considered the greatest player in NFL history, winning seven Super Bowls and breaking countless records.

Brady has been at the top of the football world for the past 20 years, drawing comparisons to the likes of Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, and Mohamed Ali as the most dominant athletes of all time.

He's been spotted multiple times in Boston Celtics games during his days with the New England Patriots and is the reigning Super Bowl champion with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So yeah, even NBA players and Olympic gold medalists can be starstruck when being around a living legend like Tom Brady.