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Draymond Green Says Ja Morant Is The Young Player That Reminds Him Most Of Himself: "I Believe In Myself And My Abilities. I’m Going To Show You That. I’m Going To Lead. I’m Going To Talk To You And Let You Know About It While I’m Doing It."

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Draymond Green is a unique type of player that not everybody likes. He's very competitive and will do anything to win, often getting bad comments and looks from people around the NBA. 

Still, Draymond doesn't pay attention to that, doing his thing on the court, talking his talk, and rubbing his wins on his enemies' faces whenever he has the chance. It's hard to find a player like him in the current NBA, but Green sees a lot of similarities between him and one of the most promising young players in the association right now. 

Of course, he makes it clear that he's not the same type of player as Ja Morant, but Draymond thinks his personality is much alike the Memphis Grizzlies' young star. During a recent episode of his show, Green had this to say:

"I’m going to have to go with, in a much different way, Ja Morant,” he said. “I ain’t bowing down to none of y’all. I don’t care what you’ve accomplished before I got here. That has absolutely nothing to do with me. I believe in myself and my abilities. I’m going to show you that. I’m going to lead. I’m going to talk to you and let you know about it while I’m doing it. I’m gonna carry others with me, and most importantly, I’m gon' do it my way. And all of those things that I just named, I see Ja Morant do.”

A big proof of what Draymond is saying came during the Warriors-Grizzlies second-round series in the 2022 NBA postseason. Morant tried to get under his rivals' skins, trash-talking and letting them know he was ready for everything after every big play. Even after the season ended, he fired back at the Warriors for paying attention to something a Grizzlies player said during the regular season. 

This might be a good rivalry in the Western Conference for years to come, and it seems like Draymond and Ja are ready for that