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The NBA Is Retiring The No. 6 League-Wide To Honor Bill Russell

The NBA Is Retiring The No. 6 League-Wide To Honor Bill Russell

A couple of weeks after his tragic passing, the NBA has decided to pay a huge homage to the biggest winner in league history, Bill Russell. The Boston Celtics sadly left this world at the end of July, his family announced, at age 88. Following that moment, many fans and players paid their respect to Russell, who was great on and off the court. 

After the news was announced, many folks brought in ideas for the league to honor Russell, who is a 2x Hall of Famer, an 11-time NBA champion, and one of the most dominant centers to ever play the game. 

Well, the league has made a huge decision, giving him the ultimate honor and retiring his number across the league, making Russell the first player in NBA history to achieve this. Shams Charania of The Athletic reports: 

The NBA will retire the No. 6 league-wide honoring the late, legendary player and activist Bill Russell.

Bill Russell becomes the first player in NBA history to have his jersey retired across the league. All NBA players will also wear a patch on the right shoulder of their jerseys during 2022-23 season, and every arena's court will display a clover-shaped logo with No. 6.

Players who currently wear No. 6 – such as Lakers‘ LeBron James – will be grandfathered.

This is a great gesture by the league, as they honor the biggest winner they've had in 75 seasons. Russell left a huge mark with his talents on the court and his battles off the same, trying to use his platform to make life easier for others. 

Russell's departure is a big loss for the league and the entire world, but they'll make sure to remember him as the big figure he was.