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Dwyane Wade On Relationship With Gabrielle Union: ' I Do Not Lead In My Marriage'

WADE union

Dwyane Wade has made a big revelation about his marriage with actress Gabrielle Union. This man was one of the best leaders in the NBA during his active days, but apparently, those times of being a helmsman are past him. 

During a recent interview with Willie D Live, the Miami Heat legend talked about his relationship with Union and the dynamic at the Wade-Union house. When asked if the man should be the 'leader' of the marriage, the 3x NBA champion said that wasn't their role. Instead, they should support their wives. 

"It’s not the man leads and the woman follows, that’s not what we live in this house. For me, I have a wife that works not just as hard, harder than I. She had her own career, her own life, before I came along. From my perspective, I was like, ‘How can I be a part of the growth, the evolution, of who she is?’ Not try to change her or stunt her growth.”

That is an interesting perspective, which shows how complemented these two are. They are a power couple, and you can tell this couple has worked hard to reach the point where they are now. "Happy wife, happy life," they say, and it seems like Wade learned that very well. 

They have been successful in their respective careers and things haven't been different for them as a couple. So this is a good example for the young men out there. Take it from somebody who has had a great career and a happy marriage.