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Every Time Michael Jordan Took It Personal

Every Time Michael Jordan Took It Personal

Something that we learned about Michael Jordan during the airing of 'The Last Dance' was MJ's capacity to turn things in his favor and find motivation in the most unexpected things. One of the biggest characteristics Jordan had during his career was the way he took everything personal to find more motivation and destroy his rivals.

In the end, this became some sort of meme, but you can't deny it worked for MJ seeing all the things he achieved with that mindset.

One Youtube channel collected all the times MJ admitted he took things, even the tiniest issue as a personal offense during TLD and the result is just wonderful.

He first talked about his issues with the team's management, especially Jerry Krause and his thoughts about what makes a franchise successful. We then see how a young Michael tried to help his dad with home tasks, but he wasn't good as his brother. After that, he tried to surpass his brother to get his dad's approbation.

We see more stories in the video, including the time BJ Armstrong went off on the Bulls, made fun of them and Jordan attacked him every single game after that. He also recalled how Indiana was the biggest threat to the Bulls during the 90s and the toughest rivals to face besides the Detroit Pistons.

MJ also talked about what he considered MVP snubs, which served him a lot during the Finals and how one comment from Byron Russell fueled Jordan to kill him on the court.

We saw a lot of good stories during The Last Dance, but this video must be one of the best compilations we've seen from the docu-series. Just MJ being MJ.