Fight Breaks Out Between Suns And Clippers Fans After Game 1

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Just from the past 10 games alone, it's easy to tell that the Phoenix Suns have some of the best fans in the NBA. They're rowdy, loud, and clearly supportive of their team.

Unfortunately, they've also been the subject of some controversy of late.

In the series against Denver, one Suns fan went viral for going at it with a Nuggets fan. While it has turned into a rallying cry for the team, with Devin Booker even stepping in to show supportthere are some who have expressed disapproval with the whole ordeal.

In Game 1, it appears those Suns fans got caught in another altercation, this time with a Clippers supporter after the match was over. Here is the video, which is making its rounds online:

While the Clippers fan appears to throw the first punch, it's not an ideal situation and a bad look for the fanbase and organization to be involved in yet another physical altercation. Of course, many people are blaming the reactions of the last fight as the fuel behind this latest incident.

It was a cool idea to rally around the "Suns in 4" guy, and it's hilarious to see how he has become a fan celebrity for the organization.

But perhaps by celebrating him, the Suns have riled up others seeking similar fame.

Nowadays, people just want to be noticed and will do anything to get there. Hopefully, though, this trend of in-arena fighting between fans gets put to an end.