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Former Bulls Guard Randy Brown Reveals Michael Jordan's Reaction After Losing Crucial Home Game That Cost Them The Chance To Go 73-9: "Michael Was Pissed, There Were Chairs Thrown"

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The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls were a special team. They had some of the best players in the NBA history donning their uniforms and on top of that being coached by the legendary Phil Jackson.

The spearhead of that team was none other than Michael Jordan. MJ led the team to a sensational 72-10 record, which stayed the best record for a team in the regular season until the 2016 Golden State Warriors surpassed them.

Well, knowing MJ, that must have pissed him off for sure. There is another reason behind that. The '96 Bulls could have been the team to reach the record of 73-9 before anyone else in history. The only thing that stopped them was a crucial home defeat that derailed the team from achieving a 73-9 record.

As expected, Jordan was angry at his everyone for fumbling that game. Former Chicago Bulls guard Randy Brown recently revealed how Mike reacted to that defeat.

"At some point, we were probably 50-5, everybody was upset we just lost a game. A lot of people don’t understand, we actually lost a home game. We were 40-1 at home. We actually should’ve been 73-9 and I remember losing that game and Michael [Jordan] was pissed, there were chairs thrown."

Randy further added, "Crazy situation, the locker room is quiet, and that’s when I knew this team was gonna win a championship. We were locked in as one. It was a lot of luck on our side. We didn’t have a bunch of injuries. We had the right amount of talent on our team, right amount of role players."

The defeat that enraged Jordan came at the hands of the Miami Heat. Moreover, the margin of defeat was just a point! That must have been so painful for Mike, considering he did his job perfectly and finished the match with 40 points to his name.

Regardless of that defeat, the '96 Bulls will forever remain engraved in the NBA history books. Do you think any current NBA team could go toe-to-toe with that squad? Let us know your thoughts about the potential matchup in the comments section below.