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Former Cavs Assistant Coach On LeBron James: "Wherever ‘Bron Goes, He Wins. Wherever He Goes, The Media Follows. It’s A Circus, But It’s A Good Circus."

(via The New York Times)

(via The New York Times)

Even in year 18, LeBron James remains the most polarizing figure in the NBA. With all eyes on him and all the pressure in the world on his shoulders, Bron was able to rise to expectations and lead his team to a title in 2020.

In a recent interview on, former Cavs coach James Posey described the Bron influence as a circus (the good kind).

“When you have the best player in the league, every station you turn to on TV, he’s gonna be on there and his team’s gonna be on there. It’s a circus, but it’s a good circus. Wherever ‘Bron goes, he wins. Wherever he goes, the media follows. They wanna be able to say they covered the team, even before the wins start coming, just to say they did it. ‘Bron expects to contend every year, which creates those championship expectations."

LeBron's track record really speaks for itself. When he left Cleveland for Miami in 2010, the Cavs were sent to the lottery until he returned four years later to lead them to their first title.

And now, on the Lakers, he has helped them reach similar heights after almost a decade of dysfunction. He took a broken, desperate Lakers team back to their glory days and he may have set them up for continued prosperity for years to come.

It seems that, wherever James goes, successes and attention always follow. Posey really couldn't have said it any better.