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Isaiah Thomas On His Potential Return To Celtics: "The World Wants That To Happen."

Isaiah Thomas On His Potential Return To Celtics- "The World Wants That To Happen."

After dropping 81 points in Jamal Crawford's ProAm league, Isaiah Thomas has captured the attention of the basketball world.

Over the past few days, footage of him celebrating and crying after the game went viral, and calls for his return to the NBA have grown louder. Apparently, I.T. has even gotten a few calls from teams in the association.

So far, nobody knows what the future has in store, but a return to Boston seems more likely now than it has ever been.

According to Thomas, it'd be the ultimate reunion.

(via ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby)

“There’s a little talk about that … I think the world wants that to happen because it only makes sense. If that opportunity presents itself, I know I can help that team, especially in the young guys over there in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.”

Thomas, who turned 32 in February, only played in 3 games last season, averaging 7.7 points in 16 minutes.

And while I.T.'s best days are behind him, he has shown flashes of what he can provide on offense at this stage of his career. Clearly, he's still as fired up as ever.

That emotion was tied up from the last 4yrs battling every single day!!! I ain’t talking about the “league” giving up on me lol. THE WORLD GAVE UP ON ME & WAS SHITTING ON ME WHILE I WAS DOWN AND OUT!! When you love something you’ll do whatever it takes to get that!!! I’m back.

No matter your opinion on Thomas or his game, it's clear the guy has heart and desperately wants another chance in the NBA.

Since his hip injury in 2017, the 2x All-Star has struggled to regain his peak form, and it's probably never coming back.

A reunion with the Celtics, though, could prove mutually beneficial for both sides. For I.T., it brings him back to where he found the most individual success. Who is to say he wouldn't help them find some team success now?

The future remains a mystery, and so does the status of Isaiah's comeback. Still, he's right about one thing: it would be awesome to see him don the green again.