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Jalen Green Was Humiliated By A Kid With A Smooth Spin Move At A Camp

Jalen Green Was Humilliated By A Kid With A Smooth Spin Move At A Camp

Houston Rockets young star Jalen Green is getting ready to face a new NBA season after showing flashes of what he could do last season. A dynamic scorer, Green needed some time to adapt to the competition, but once he did it, there was no stopping him. 

The 2021 No. 2 overall pick is now getting ready to start a new season with the young Rockets team that will try to be competitive, although they won't have many chances to win a lot of games. Meanwhile, Jalen has taken this offseason to give some knowledge to the kids, attending camps and trying to have fun with them. 

However, one recent one-on-one duel didn't go as Green expected, as he got humiliated by a camper who pulled off a nice move on him before scoring. A short video has been making the rounds on the internet, showing Green defending a kid who's trying to score on him.

The younger player goes to the rim, and the shooting guard is trying to stop him, when the kid goes for the bucket, he pulls a hesi and the spin, making Jalen fly while he took his shot. 

The ball went in, and the rest of the campers went crazy, making a lot of noise for the kid after he humbled one NBA player. It is a short but impressive sequence, and you can see this kid had a plan and executed him perfectly, making Green pass by while he had the green light to take his shot. 

In recent days, Stephen Curry claimed that it's bad for campers to go against him, and Jayson Tatum savagely blocked his son Deuce at his camp. Somehow, this kid had revenge for all of them, doing what he wanted with Jalen and getting the buckets in front of a crowd that couldn't believe it.