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Jimmy Butler Got Reported For A Disturbance Complaint After Dribbling In His Hotel Room

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It looks like Jimmy Butler's bubble neighbors aren't fans of his daily workout routine. Butler is very committed to it but not everybody is willing to take that. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, security was called on Butler due to a disturbance complaint last week.

Someone heard a consistent banging noise and they didn't have more remedy than to call security. The visited Butler's room at the bubble only to find out the 30-year-old player was just dribbling the ball in his room. Jimmy's workout routine won't change, even if that means he has to use his hotel room as the court.

He described his workout regiment in an article for Men's Health written by Tristram Korten.

"It's a rhythm, it's a routine, and I don't skip any of it," Butler said in that article. "I don't skip any steps of the process."

"When I started working with Jimmy, it was the first time I'd ever trained somebody at 4 a.m.," performance coach James Scott said. "And he's never late, not by one minute, no matter the time or the place."

No wonder why he keeps the same routine even at the bubble. He needs to be in the best possible shape for the return of the league. He's focused on helping his Miami Heat transcend this season and continue surprising everybody around the league.

When Butler arrived at South Beach, everybody thought he went there just to make money and forget about the competition. Well, he's shown he's ready to take this team to compete in the East.

Sharing touches with a group of young talented players and veterans, Butler and the Heat can make a lot of noise in the playoff. There are favorites to win the East, yes, but don't sleep on the Heat.