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Jimmy Butler Is In Colombia Living His Best Life: “Espresso Martini. The Only Way To Do It.”

Jimmy Butler Says He Still Isn't Ready To Talk About Basketball After Eastern Conference Finals Loss: "I'm Still In My Feelings, So I Don't Really Get Into It... I Just Want To Talk About Coffee And Ice Cream."

The offseason might not be the most entertaining of times for fans, but it is a much-needed time for the players of the NBA. Enjoying a much-deserved break from the intense regular season, players often use these offseasons to unwind and then gear up for the season that closes in.

One player who is certainly enjoying his offseason right now is Jimmy Butler. After a grueling season, where he led the Miami Heat all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals, Butler is deservedly taking a break in the offseason. 

After revealing his new hairstyle, which sent the NBA media into frenzy, 'Jimmy Buckets' was recently spotted in Colombia. Posting a video from a bar, Butler showed his drink of choice to the camera, an espresso Martini.

"Espresso Martini. The only way to do it. When in Colombia, and having some coffee, that's it"

It seems like Butler surely enjoyed his drink as he immediately nodded his head after having the drink. While Butler enjoys his time in Colombia, the Heat haven't made any significant move in the offseason right now. But the team have been linked with a potential trade for Utah Jazz shooting guard Donovan Mitchell.

While the Heat have showed incredible grit and defensive solidity in their lineup, their offense has been lackluster. Despite Tyler Herro stepping up last season, it seems like the Heat do not have enough trust in the 22-year-old.

Mitchell, on the other hand, might be the perfect player that the Heat are looking for. While his numbers defensively might be in shambles, he is an incredible scorer and can single-handedly affect the game. Capable of swinging the game, Mitchell might be the missing piece in Miami's quest for a title.

Given the numbers of players they have, Miami could easily trade for Utah Jazz superstar. Will the Miami Heat pull the trigger on this move?