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JJ Redick On Father Time Catching Up To LeBron James: 'It's The First Time In My Life Where LeBron Looks Human.'

LeBron James

LeBron James is currently sidelined due to an abdominal strain and nobody knows when he will actually return to the court. While initial reports said he would miss one week of competition, it could take one or two months before we see The King back on the court. 

He was ready to get revenge from last season, where the Los Angeles Lakers were kicked out of the playoffs by the Phoenix Suns. So far things haven't started well for the purple and gold and LeBron's absence doesn't help them. 

After 18 years looking like Iron Man, James' body is taking some hits, as father time is starting to catch up with the 4x NBA player. This is crazy to watch, but it was a matter of time before Bron's started to slow down. 

For JJ Redick, this means that LeBron is actually human. The newly retired NBA player discussed James' recent injuries and explained how things have changed for LeBron's body in the past couple of seasons.

"To me... It's the first time in my life, and I've known LeBron since he was 15 years old, where LeBron looks human."

"He had a core injury a couple of seasons ago. Last season he had an ankle injury and comes out and says, 'I don't know if I'll ever be 100% again after that.' Then another core injury to start this year."

LeBron's durability is impressive and plenty of people believed he would show it this season. But, things have changed for the legendary player. He's one month away from turning 37 and that only means things will get harder for him. 

It's sad to realize our favorite players are aging and getting closer to retirement. It's not like LeBron will finish his career after this season, but this is the proof that he's slowing down.