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Kanye West Seemingly Takes A Shot At LeBron James On Unreleased Diss Track, NBA Twitter Reacts


The NBA community has had a move 24 hours. The music industry and the league have always been so close to one another and Friday was another example of that. 

Everybody went crazy after Canadian rapper Drake dropped his long-awaited album 'Certified Lover Boy.' The LP has been incredibly successful in just one day, dominating the competition in less than one day. 

One of Drake's biggest rivals, Kanye West, had dropped another ambitious project last week. 'Donda' dropped after months of speculation, with West delivering fans a terrific album, too. 

The rivalry between these two is so big that many people are convinced Drake dropping CLB was a direct response to Kanye releasing Donda, starting a confrontation between their fans on social media.

If that wasn't enough, an unfinished and unreleased diss track from Kanye was allegedly leaked by Drake, which sparked more and more comments on the internet. The song, 'Life Of The Party,' contains shots aimed at Drake and fashion designer Virgil Abloh. But, the most bizarre part of it is that LeBron James might have been another victim of West's fury.

Around the 0:50 mark, Kanye mentions his red hat (MAGA hat) while apparently taking a big shot at LeBron for putting his sons in Sierra Canyon while he has his own school.

Where my motherfuckin' red hat?

Security and the nannies be forever handling

I can’t stand it when there’s talks about putting the kids back in Sierra Canyon when daddy got his own school

The NBA community, and fans in general, were shocked after hearing the verse, wondering why Kanye had gone after LeBron. 

It is true that the Chicago rapper wearing a MAGA hat didn't sit well with plenty of people. LeBron James was one of the biggest Donald Trump detractors from 2017 through 2021, and that certainly had some effects on his relationship with the artist. 

Still, as other fans suggest, Ye could be talking about himself since he's building a school, too. This is a curious situation, but fans believe he was talking about Bron with those bars. 

While The King congratulated Drake on the release of CLB, he didn't send any message to Ye when he dropped Donda. You don't need to think too much to know things aren't precisely well between the 4x NBA champion and the 22x Grammy award winner.