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Kendrick Perkins Fires Back At Julius Erving For Criticizing LeBron James For Creating Superteams: 'Some Of Them Old Heads Can’t Even Hide It No More!'

LeBron James and Julius Erving

Kendrick Perkins isn't happy with Julius Erving's remarks on LeBron James and the superteam culture that, according to the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets legend, is led by the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. 

In a recent interview on The Posted Up podcast with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Erving was asked to create two all-time teams and he left LeBron James out of them both. Why? Well, he doesn't like the fact that the King has led this culture that hurts the competitiveness around the league. 

Those comments didn't sit well with a lot of people around the NBA community and one of those was Kendrick Perkins, a friend of LeBron and one of his biggest supporters in the media. 

KP wasn't having any of that and he took to Twitter to call out Erving and more old school players that have criticized LeBron in recent years. 

"Some of them old heads can’t even hide it no more! SMH," Perkins tweeted. 

Erving has made it clear that he doesn't like superteams, even if that means going after the Brooklyn Nets, one of the teams where he played and did great things. LeBron James is getting more and more criticism in recent times, for his moves both on and off the court. 

The King was attacked by Donald Trump Jr. and Dr. J so the pic doesn't seem so good for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. He's trying to return to the court as soon as possible. Meanwhile, he's under fire for several reasons.