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Kendrick Perkins Says The Clippers Have The Advantage Over The Lakers This Season

(via Orange County Register)

(via Orange County Register)

Ever since Kawhi Leonard and Paul George teamed up in Los Angeles to join the Los Angeles Clippers, fans have been waiting for a Clippers vs. Lakers Western Conference Finals series.

Last year, the Clippers looked like the deeper team but underperformed in the playoffs, while the Lakers ended up winning it all.

This time, however, former NBA player-turned analyst Kendrick Perkins believes that the Clippers are in a much better position than the Lakers and that are the 'clear-cut favorites' to make the NBA Finals:

"Number 1, and they're the clear-cut favorites to come out of the Western Conference. And Stephen A, you know I've been telling you this for a while: The only things that the Clippers were missing was a floor general and a leader and they got that in Rajon Rondo, a guy that's gonna help out Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, get guys on their spots, hold guys accountable. He's a coach on and off the floor, and he's gonna help out Ty Lue," Perkins said on ESPN.

“With all due respect to the GOAT, LeBron James, the Clippers are looking like the favorites to come out of the West this year! The only thing that the Clippers were missing was a floor general and a leader. They got that in Rajon Rondo. A guy that’s going to help out Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and get guys into their spots," Perkins added via Twitter.

Well, the Clippers have looked better and more in sync this year. They've been healthy, and adding that floor general in Rajon Rondo could certainly be huge for them come playoff time.

Then again, we've seen them fail to live up to the expectations in the playoffs in the past, so hopefully, this will be the year they finally step up and silence their critics.