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Kenny Smith Reacts To LeBron James Bringing A Cigar Into The Arena: "That’s Disrespectful. I’d Fight Everybody In The Locker Room!”

LeBron James

As the face of the NBA, it should be no surprise that LeBron James likes to walk around in style.

On Tuesday, before the game, he made one of his signature entrances, walking in looking dapper with a cigar in his left hand.

The daring move drew a number of different reactions, including one from the TNT crew, who saw the entrance as a hostile act.

Other fans reacted in all types of different ways.

It's rather taboo for any player to bring a cigar into the arena, but James does have. history of flashing it like a prop.

When the Lakers won the title in 2020, he hung out mid-court smoking one while on video call with his family.

James is often criticized for this type of "over the top" behavior. Still, there is nothing wrong with carrying a cigar.

Unfortunately, the circumstances of this cigar-inclusive moment aren't nearly as joyous as the last.

Amid a COVID-ravaged season, the Lakers have struggled to find their identity. LeBron James is showing signs of aging, Anthony Davis hasn't stayed healthy, and Russell Westbrook is still working to fit with the roster.

"“It’s never ‘we got 65 games left.’ We damn sure need to play better, no matter who is in the lineup," said James earlier in the season. "We have our system and we need to obviously fast-track it and get better with it so we can play no matter who is on the floor, we can play at a high level… there is no level of panic, but there should be some sense of urgency every time we hit the floor. I felt like we had moments throughout this game tonight we didn’t [have the sense of urgency]. We got to figure how we can keep that sense of urgency for 48 minutes.”

To be frank, the Lakers have had a tough season and they need to turn things around quickly before they dig themselves a hole too deep to climb out.

Still, through it all, James has not wavered in confidence. He's confident in himself and that the team can finally fulfill their potential as the best in the West.

And if James and his team do somehow go on to win the title again, you can bet he'll be celebrating with a cigar in his mouth.