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Kevin Durant Defends LeBron James From Media Criticism: "He Has To Be A Perfect Person, Because You Will Say Everything About Him”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant and LeBron James are two of the biggest rivals in the NBA right now. The forwards are always mentioned in debates about the best player in the league, exchanging positions depending on who you ask. 

One would think they dislike each other, but that's far away from reality. They're very good friends, and KD showed that after capturing the gold medal in the 2021 Summer Olympics

More recently, KD came in LeBron's defenses for all the criticism he receives from the media. Durant isn't a stranger to that, and he called out a lot of people for wanting James to be perfect and not make mistakes simply because he's one of the best players of his generation. 

“Anything LeBron does, you guys talk about like it is breaking news. He can’t do anything. He has to play every game, he has to average close to a triple-double, he has to be a perfect person, because you will say everything about him,” Durant said, via Lakers Daily.

Durant knows very well how difficult it is to deal with the media. He's engaged in battle with several members over the years. He's not one to remain quiet when people try to bring him down, and that's earned him criticism. 

Still, NBA players are often held to a higher standard as if they are saviors of the world or something. Bron can't do better things than he's done so far, yet people insist to be on his back all the time. The NBA is a brotherhood, and KD proved that with his words.