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Kevin Durant On His Struggling Nets: "We Know We're In Some Deep Sh*t..."

Kevin Durant Jokes About His Workload With The Brooklyn Nets After Playing 85 Minutes In 2 Games: "Let Me Die Out There"

Losers of 11 straight games, the Brooklyn Nets are struggling to stay afloat in the Eastern Conference standings.

With Kevin Durant still not back, Kyrie Irving still unavailable for home games, and Ben Simmons not yet ready to suit up for the club, things may get worse before they get better.

Speaking to the media after Saturday's loss, Durant addressed the state of his ball club, speaking candidly while avoiding panic.


"We know we're in some deep sh*t, but we do understand that with a win, one win, it could just put us on the right track," Durant said. "That's what it takes in this league and things can change pretty fast. I'm confident in our group."

"But, I know the losses hurt us, and I know my injury might've hurt the team a bit not being around. And then with Kyrie [Irving] being in and out of the line-up. I feel that the next couple weeks that I'll start to do more, but that's probably as much as I can give you [on the injury]. I'm just listening to the training staff, just doing my job and coming in and following the game plan every day, whatever they give me."

The Nets were first in the East just a few months ago, back before things went haywire. But amid KD's injury, Kyrie Irving's part-time status, and James Harden's building frustrations have led to the Nets succumbing to the distractions. Unfortunately, that means the Nets have free fallen down the standings.

Regarding Harden, who was traded to Philadelphia last week, Durant refused to throw his now ex-teammate under the bus.

“James doesn’t have to explain anything to anybody, he’s his own man. He makes his decisions on his career by himself, he doesn’t owe anybody any explanation and I wasn’t looking for one. I’m just glad we got this thing done. Now we’re able to move forward and get away from this noise of what may happen, so I’m glad we could push through that. James doesn’t owe anybody an explanation, this is his life.”

Needless to say, the situation in Brooklyn is dire. With a while to go before the roster is at full strength, the team could continue its downward spiral into the All-Star break.

The good news is, Kevin Durant is due to return at some point after All-Star weekend, and Ben Simmons could see his first action of the season around the same time.

In the meantime, the supporting cast will have to hold their own and keep the team in a respectable standing for the final few weeks of the season.