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Kevin Durant Opens Up On Kyrie Irving's Absence: "We Support Him 100 Percent And Pray For The Best.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kyrie Irving has been absent from the NBA since last week and at this moment, it's unclear when he will make his return to action. Last week, he opted out of playing with the Nets due to "personal reasons", missing three games with the team. Nobody knows what is going on with the point guard but he's receiving all the support from his coach and teammates.

"Ky’s still on personal leave and all the communication with Ky, between the organization, I’m going to keep private and I’m sure you’ll hear from him at some point,” Nash said before the game, via USA Today.

After Steve Nash sent his support to Kyrie, Kevin Durant also talked about his teammate. During his first game back, Durant was asked about Irving and he made it clear that the Nets fully support him and are always thinking of him.

“I won’t speak on Kyrie. I’ll let him do that for himself,” Durant said. “I’m sure you guys will see him soon whenever he comes back. We support him 100 percent and pray for the best.”

It's unclear how this situation will end and what actually led Kyrie to make this decision. He is reportedly "off the grid" after announcing his decision to miss the last couple of games with the Nets. Everybody is thinking of him and wishing he's doing well now, but only Kyrie knows when he is returning.