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Kevin Durant Responds To Fans Saying They'd Be Disappointed If Giannis Joins A New Team Just Like KD

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant is back with his old practices, or just doing the things he never stopped doing in the first place. It's well known that the Brooklyn Nets player doesn't take anything from anybody, especially when they talk about his NBA career.

A couple of fans decided to compare KD's situation to Giannis Antetokounmpo and his impending free agency decision, which that sparked something inside Durant, who didn't hesitate to take shots as these people for his comments on the way he managed his career and how he left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

First, he replied to Matt Moore, an NBA writer, who said he'd be disappointed if Giannis made a similar move than KD when his contract with the Bucks is finished.

"As with KD, whatever Giannis does is his decision and it isn’t a moral choice. It’s a professional choice which impacts his life, even if there are impacts on other people.

I’ll be disappointed, like I was with KD, if he bails, but not in him, just that it happened," Moore wrote.

"Sensitive ass," was KD's response to that tweet.

After that, he did the same with more fans, showing he's not taking anything from anybody, and he's ready to respond, once again, to the haters.

Giannis can become a UFA in 2021 and there are plenty of teams that will love having him on their roster. One of those franchises is the Golden State Warriors, the same who lured KD away from OKC in 2016. There are big fears around the league about the possibility of the Milwaukee Bucks joining the Dubs next year.

That'd be the exact move that KD made four years ago, but he doesn't want to see any of that anymore. KD has been famous for his controversies on social media and the way he reacts when somebody tries to talk about his game or his career. This is the latest example of that.