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Kevin Durant Reveals He Had 'Beef' With Kobe Bryant And Kobe Was Completely Unaware Of That

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant has demonstrated he is one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA ever since he joined the then Seattle Supersonics in 2007. Durantula has gone through a lot in his career and right now is trying to take the Brooklyn Nets to the promised land for the first time ever.

Ever since he was young, KD found the motivation to get better by looking at other people and saying to himself he needs to beat them. It happened with LeBron James, as he used to see the King on TV but he recently revealed once he was in the league, he had some sort of beef with another legend but the other person was totally unaware of that. During a recent edition of his 'The ETCs' podcast, the 2014 NBA MVP revealed he had some animosity towards Kobe Bryant without the latter knowing about it.

“I felt like I had a beef with Kobe Bryant but he didn’t even know I had this beef — as you get older you look at these guys as just sharpening you and making you better.

…. When Bron goes to score 50 points or James Harden has 60 points, I’m looking at … how can I top it just to be better … how can I maintain that level I was on too — it’s a healthy competition.”

KD talked about how he understood that you can be friends with other players but things change as soon as you step on the court to play the game. It happened in the past and he took the example by other legends who had great relationships but were willing to do anything to win.

“The Magics, the Birds, the Jordans, they created that brotherhood amongst the league,” Durant said.

This is a big revelation from the 2x NBA champion but that certainly helped him become the big player he is right now. At this moment, Durant is sidelined with a hamstring injury, missing over a month of competition with the Brooklyn Nets.

The team has two more stars in Kyrie Irving and James Harden, who have done a terrific job for the New Yorkers. Durant is trying to get back to the best level and see if he can lead this team to win their first-ever NBA title. His approach for the game is the same and he'll try to use everything he learned from KB24 to take his squad to the victory.