Kevin Durant's Mom Speaks Up About Achilles Injury: "It Was Hard To Watch."

Kevin Durant's Mom Speaks Up About Achilles Injury- "It Was Hard To Watch."

After putting on such an amazing display of greatness, it was hard to watch Kevin Durant go down with that Achilles tear in 2019.

He was playing for a title in the prime of his career, and nobody was sure if he'd ever be the same again.

His mother Wanda recently admitted that watching the incident left her completely helpless and brokenhearted.

(via Brian Lewis of the New York Post)

“It was one of the hardest things for me to watch because I couldn’t help. I wasn’t there physically. I was not in the arena. When I saw it, it just broke my heart. It was tough and it was difficult, and as a mom I wanted to be next to my baby,” Wanda said. “I just wanted to be there to support him, and it was really difficult.

And after he allowed me to pamper him and do all the stuff that mothers love to do, he’s like, ‘OK mom, I’m OK now. I have this and I’m gonna be OK.’ ”

That moment must have been like a nightmare for her -- just as it is a nightmare for any mother to watch their son suffer a bodily injury.

In the case of Durant, that Achilles tear was not the end for him. Two years later, he's back on the world's biggest stage playing at the level he was at when he left.

No doubt, that's got to be a beautiful sight for Wanda.