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Kevin Garnett Snubs LeBron James And Says Stephen Curry Is The Michael Jordan Of This Era

Kevin Garnett Snubs LeBron James And Says Stephen Curry Is The Michael Jordan Of This EraDraft SharePreviewPublish

Stephen Curry is one of the most influential players of this generation, and there's no question that he's the greatest shooter of all time. His shooting changed the way that basketball is played, with many teams shooting a high volume of 3PT shots in the modern-day.

There's no doubt that Stephen Curry's impact on the game is felt every time he touches the court. Due to the defensive attention that Curry commands on the perimeter, other players benefit on the offensive end. 

One of those players is forward Andrew Wiggins, who has become an elite two-way player during his time on the Golden State Warriors. When speaking to Baxter Holmes of ESPN, Kevin Garnett claimed that Wiggins' improvement is due to the fact that "he's playing with the Michael Jordan of his era", obviously referring to Stephen Curry.

"He's playing with the Michael Jordan of his era," Garnett says. "The knowledge that he takes not just from Steve Kerr and that coaching staff but that pedigree of excellence that they push around there in Golden State -- you can't come in there and be less than. Those are champions in there. Those guys have won together. They've been in the grit. They've been in the foxhole together. I think it motivates him."

LeBron James is widely considered the Michael Jordan of our generation, as he has been extremely dominant during his career, and won 4 championships to date. However, Stephen Curry's transformational effect on the game is reminiscent of what Michael Jordan did when he entered the league, though obviously, Curry is not close to Jordan in terms of accolades and achievements. With that being said, many believe Stephen Curry will retire as a top-10 player of all time.

A lot of people will disagree with Kevin Garnett's bold proclamation on Stephen Curry. However, the fact that NBA legends are comparing Stephen Curry to the player that many consider the GOAT speaks volumes of the mark he has left on basketball.