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Kevin Hart Told Ben Simmons He Was The Best NBA Player Over LeBron James: "Ben Simmons Gets My Vote Every Day Of The Week. And Not Because You're In Philadelphia."


Kevin Hart has always been a diehard Ben Simmons fan. The actor and comedian support the Philadelphia 76ers and every Philly team, but the NBA franchise holds a special place in his heart. 

He's very high on the disgruntled point guard, always pumping him up. Hart knows several players in the league and he doesn't hesitate to troll them (even if it's Michael Jordan), but when it comes to Ben, he's different (kind of). 

Back in 2019, Ben was one guest to Hart's 'Cold As Balls' show on LOL Network. They discussed various topics, including the prospect of LeBron James joining the Sixers in the summer of 2018. He decided to go to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won the 2020 NBA championship. 

Hart joked about that, saying Simmons was enough to win the championship and then made a bold claim about the Australian player. After Ben said LeBron was the best player in the league, Kevin picked the LSU product instead (2:30). 

"Bunch of bulls**t. That's a bunch of bulls**t, if you ask me," Hart said. "Ben Simmons gets my vote every day of the week. And it's not because you're in Philadelphia."

They both laughed after Hart clarified that had nothing to do with his affiliation to the Sixers. Simmons appreciated the gesture but, he knew something was odd in that statement. 

Two years after that interview, Hart keeps defending Simmons and making a case for the 25-year-old. The comedian reminded people that Simmons is a star, who has been to the All-Star Game and earned All-Defensive Team honors more than once

The Ben Simmons saga is still going in the City of Brotherly Love, but they hope to find a solution to this issue. Meanwhile, the playmaker is getting ready to return to the court, but nobody knows when that will happen.