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Kyle Kuzma Bought His Mother A New House

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Kyle Kuzma Has Gifted His Mother An Impressive House

NBA players often take care of their families' needs once they start getting paid from their lucrative contracts. There is no doubt that there are times we see them make extravagant purchases such as vehicles and houses for their kin.

That has happened recently. Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma has recently bought his mother, Karri Kuzma a new house, something that she was obviously grateful for. 

Karri Kuzma posted appreciation messages for her son on both Twitter and Instagram, with her Tweet jokingly stating that her house was a "slam dunk" that was "better than the one on Embiid". The elder Kuzma was obviously referring to the viral poster that Kyle Kuzma got on Joel Embiid in their last meeting.

From the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you Kuz for all you do for me. I tell you often just know I really mean it. And I want the world to know what a great son you are! Thank you for this.

There is no question that this was an amazing gesture from Kyle Kuzma, and he obviously did it for someone that mattered a lot to him. Buying a house obviously isn't cheap, but the gift was clearly a good one and well appreciated. This just goes to show that Kyle Kuzma is a kind-hearted person. 

Now though, Kyle Kuzma will likely focus on trying to help the Washington Wizards make the playoffs. He is having a fantastic year with the team and is currently putting up 15.7 PPG, 8.9 RPG, and 2.9 APG. His rebounding is at a career-high currently.

There is no question that Kyle Kuzma has improved his game and become a very respectable two-way player. Hopefully, we see him continue to develop just as he did. Sometimes, all a player needs is an opportunity, and Kuzma is showing the world what he can do.