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Kyle Kuzma Drops Truth Bomb On Boston: "It's A Nice City In The Summer!"

Kyle Kuzma

As a franchise rich with culture and history, the Boston Celtics are one of the most valuable teams in basketball. This season, after returning to the Finals for the first time since 2010, the Celtics finally got some of the exposure they haven't seen in years.

Even former Lakers wing Kyle Kuzma couldn't help but give a shout out to the city after experiencing it for himself.

Of course, New England is notoriously cold in the winter months, so it's one reason that might turn off potential free agents.

Regardless, the city shows up for the Celtics and has a certain loyalty to the franchise that was exposed in these Finals.

While Green did not have his best of performances in the Finals, often finding himself in foul trouble, the 32-year-old was a defensive juggernaut. While he was the first person to challenge the likes of Jayson Tatum, it is understandable the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year probably became the most hated man in Boston.

Often getting booed in TD Garden, Green was unfazed in the intimidating atmosphere, and his impact was certainly visible on the series as well. After winning his 4th NBA title, Green, however, did give his props to the Boston Celtics' fanbase and appreciated the crowd. 

"This fanbase gave me a hard time, really hard time. To come here and get a win is awesome. I appreciate this fanbase, they brought incredible energy and brought incredible energy with them, but we did what we do, welcome back to the Warriors' invitational."

With a brilliant front office and a whole legion of roaring fans behind them, the Celtics are a team that cannot be underestimated in the years to come. They have everything they need to compete at the highest level, and now they have the experience to help them as well.

This summer, we can expect the team to look for many ways to improve and gear up for another Finals run as soon as possible.