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Kyle Kuzma Reveals Who Are The Best NBA Dressers

Kyle Kuzma Reveals Who Are The Best NBA Dressers

Kyle Kuzma is one of the few active NBA players that can proudly call himself a champion. Due to the impact that teams like the Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, and Cleveland Cavaliers had in the 2010s, very few NBA players across the league got to add a championship ring to their jewelry box.

Since 2019, we have seen more diversity in champions with the Raptors, Lakers, and the Bucks winning until the Warriors ascended to the throne once again this season. Kyle Kuzma spent the season in Washington, growing more into his own skin as a basketball player not under the massive expectations of the Lakers fanbase.

Everyone knows of Kuzma's fashion tastes after generating a lot of buzz for what he wears to the games. In his appearance on Draymond Green's podcast, Kuzma revealed the 5 NBA players he finds the best dressed.

"Obviously Jordan Clarkson, I like his swag because it's him. It's himself. When I first came into the NBA, he was on my team so I got to see it first-hand like 'oh that's the dude's fashion that I think is fly'. I am looking up to him in certain situations because I am a rookie and he was a 4th-5th year player."

"Frank Jackson. I am not just a top guy. I have seen him and it's just him, it's organic, he's himself. I love Book's (Devin Booker) swag because it's him. It's certain guys in the league that you see sticking designer all over themselves or it's everybody wanting to dress like Travis Scott now..." 

"Those 3, then Chris Paul. He keeps it real casual, very very mature-like. 5 is tough. It's a lot of guys. Felt like there was a rookie I liked. Jalen Green. I like what he's doing. He was out there in Paris for his first time. Just watching him and what brand shows he was going to, he's doing great. I will say those 5."  

Considering the depths into which Kuzma has gotten in the fashion world through his personal interests, it's fair to say that his rankings are based on keen observation. 

Every player in the NBA will constantly look to evolve their style to stay popular. Players like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander have even pursued modeling in the offseason. The NBA is what they get paid millions for, but fashion is often where they look to when they have to represent themselves in the eyes of the public.