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Kyrie Irving And The Brooklyn Nets Have Had ‘Complications’ Of What The Next Contract Move Would Be

Kyrie Irving

In Brooklyn, star point guard Kyrie Irving has apparently made peace with his return to the team and intends to play out this upcoming season in a Nets jersey.

Beyond that, the future is still uncertain. The door may not be closed on a long-term union between Kyrie and Brooklyn. There have apparently been some applications regarding an extension. According to Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson, a deal is still far from materializing at this point.

“It was shared with me that Irving wanted to stay with the Nets all along and if you look at the circle as I have mentioned all summer all the teams that were mentioned including the Mavericks and other teams all on a world map circle back to the Brooklyn Nets,” Robinson said. “He wanted to play there all along, and that’s where he’ll stay. And it was intimated to me that Irving has a desire to finish what he started. And one of the reasons why is his dedication to fitness. Those close to the point guard have shared with me that he has been in the gym nonstop.”

While Irving is reportedly on good terms with the Nets franchise, it doesn't mean that he'll be a long-term part of their core. It was his anti-vaccination stance, after all, that ultimately doomed the season to failure.

The truth is, how can Brooklyn depend on Uncle Drew to be dependable, reliable, and at his best for a long period of time? Kyrie has shown numerous times before that he has no problem bailing on things he once committed to.

Still, if Brooklyn wants to repair their relationship with Durant, keeping Irving around might be the best way to do that. At the very least, it would be a shame to just let him walk for nothing as a free agent next summer.