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LaMelo Ball Becomes The Fourth-Youngest NBA All-Star Ever Behind Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, And Magic Johnson

LaMelo Ball Becomes The Third Youngest NBA All-Star Since Kobe Bryant And LeBron James

LaMelo Ball has been one of the NBA's fastest rising stars since entering the NBA. In less than 2 years since being drafted third overall in the 2020 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets, Melo has established himself as a star in the league and has become the face of the Hornets franchise.

Melo was an unproven commodity when he entered the NBA, having not played collegiate basketball and opting to play professional basketball in Australia instead. But upon arriving in the league, LaMelo showed that he is a future star, as he put on star-making performances on a nightly basis.

For his season, LaMelo was named the 2021 NBA Rookie Of The Year. And this year, he has gone above and beyond when it comes to his development. LaMelo was recently named an NBA All-Star along with Dejounte Murray. Ball is replacing Kevin Durant, who is injured and won't be able to play in the game.

With LaMelo's All-Star nomination, he made quite a bit of history. LaMelo Ball will be the fourth-youngest NBA All-Star of all time, joining some legendary names. Only Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Magic Johnson were younger than him at their first All-Star game.

Youngest NBA All-Stars:

1. Kobe Bryant - 19 Years, 169 Days

2. LeBron James - 20 Years, 52 Days

3. Magic Johnson - 20 Years, 173 Days

4. LaMelo Ball - 20 Years, 182 Days

5. Zion Williamson - 20 Years, 244 Days

LaMelo's historic achievement can't be undersold. He has been absolutely spectacular this year. In fact, many fans were outraged that he wasn't named an All-Star within the original pool itself. Regardless of how it happened, this is a massive achievement for LaMelo, and he should be very proud of it.

LaMelo's reaction to becoming an All-Star for the first time was caught on camera, and it was truly wonderful to see. LaMelo has actually beaten his older brother Lonzo to becoming an All-Star first. Melo's talent has been on full display and has not been hindered by his lack of experience.