Lance Stephenson Explains How He Fixed His Relationship With LeBron James

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When Lance Stephenson teamed up with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers three years ago, the NBA world went crazy. These two shared heated moments on the court when James was with the Miami Heat and Stephenson with the Indiana Pacers. 

However, when the Lakers decided to assemble a team for LeBron, Lance was one of the best options for the team's front office. They proved to be good together on the court, although James dealt with some injuries that prevented the Lakers from making the playoff that season. 

Bron and Lance became friends after squashing their beef, which wasn't hard for the players. According to Stephenson, LeBron wanted to win, and he didn't care about the past as long as he got the help he needed. 

“He just wanted to win, he wanted a team that can help them win and he and we decided to go on that path," Stephenson said on While on Posted Up with Chris Haynes. "I felt like I could definitely help him and be one of those guys to help them during the season. And we never really talked about those barriers, though. We kept it as diverse like, old paths, old news. And we move forward from that.”

He only spent one season in Los Angeles, but that was enough to leave that beef behind him. The most memorable moment of that rivalry happened in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals between the Heat and Pacers, with Stephenson blowing in James' ear. To everybody's surprise, The King didn't even react to that, continue playing as nothing happened. 

After their tenure in L.A., LeBron even trolled Stephenson on social media, mocking him for his 'sugar daddy haircut.' They came a long way, but both players are happy that things finished.