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LaVar Ball Disciplined LaMelo For Getting Into A Fight During A Game: "You're A Selfish Motherf*cker"

LaVar Ball Disciplined LaMelo For Getting Into A Fight During A Game: "You're A Selfish Motherf*cker"

LaVar Ball is one of the most well-known NBA parents in history. Much like Wanda Durant and Gloria James, LaVar has become very well known among the NBA fanbase for being the parent of NBA stars. Many ridicule Ball for being over the top but he has shown that he knows how to be stern and discipline his children in the past.

During his JBA tour, LaMelo Ball got ejected in a game for trying to pick a fight with an opponent who he felt had taken liberties with him. After the game, LaVar went on a massive rant toward LaMelo, explaining to him how he was wrong, selfish, and cost his team the game. He showed LaMelo the error of his ways.

“You a selfish motherf*cker. You get tapped in the head, I told your a** we can not f*cking respond like that. You of all people, but you let me down. You f*ck up my brand, you f*ck up my game. We don’t win because your a** f*cking (pretends to fight) ‘let’s go, what’cha wanna do?’ Son, I told your a**, I said you’re getting on my bad last nerve because you’re doing the wrong sh*t over and over and over. I thought you had my back. You don’t care about nobody on the team. You don’t care about winning. You care about yourself. And I’m supposed to be calm.

“You new guys, I brought you over here to block a f*cking shot … You might as well go back home. Come over here and play. I thought you ya’ll was hungry for a f*cking job. Ain’t nobody getting no job playing like this. Ain’t nobody getting no job. But I tell you what, I blame this, this loss right here not on none of ya’ll. Cause ya’ll need to do your thing. I blame it on that raggedy f*ck right there (pointing at LaMelo). You changed the whole, the whole trip is f*cked up now.”

During this episode of 'Ball In The Family', LaVar later met LaMelo and explained to him calmly what he did was wrong. Ball's initial outburst was to see whether he could make LaMelo cry, and see how tough he is. When LaMelo took the verbal assault without crying, LaVar knew how tough his son was.

“Some time a lot of these youngsters, they don’t listen to what you say. They listen to how you say it. So, I try to make him cry.”

Clearly, LaVar isn't just around to coast off of his sons' successes, but actually, help them get to that level. Even LaMelo Ball defended him, saying that most people don't grow up with fathers, but everyone makes fun of LaVar for being there and believing that his sons can do anything they put their mind to.

LaVar has recently been very boastful, wearing a cap saying to the world, 'I told you so' over his sons' success in the NBA so far. But truth be told, it is him showing the world just how proud he is of his two sons for finding success at the highest level when it comes to the sport of basketball.

LaMelo isn't the only one who got an earful from his father. 'Ball In The Family' had several scenes of LaVar keeping it real with his sons, and even telling them off when he felt that they needed to hear it.