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LeBron James And Anthony Davis Both Got Kicked Between The Legs: "He Got Hit Right In The… Family"

LeBron James And Anthony Davis Both Get Kicked Between The Legs: "He Got Hit Right In The… Family"

The Los Angeles Lakers had quite a night on Friday, succumbing to the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center. The Kings, who recently fired Luke Walton following a 6-11 start to the season, surprised the Lakers, leaving the building with a big win to improve their record to 8-12. 

The purple and gold can't catch a break amid a season full of inconsistencies. They entered Friday night's game hoping to win the second straight game, but Alvin Gentry's team won this thriller in 3OT. 

The team got kicked by their rivals, but LeBron James and Anthony Davis were literally kicked during the match, starring in more painful situations. Both The King and The Brow were hit in the nuts with less than one minute of difference. 

First, LeBron attacked the rim with 7:26 on the clock, going against Terence Davis at the post. During the sequence, Davis appears to hit him with his right knee in the crotch. LeBron still scored but couldn't hide the pain as he returned to the defensive side. 

Then, Anthony Davis was defending the paint with 6:41 left on the clock. Tristan Thompson drove to the basket and caught AD in the air with his knee, hitting the 2020 NBA champion in the nuts. If that wasn't enough, Davis was whistled for a foul on Thompson. 

It's really curious that this happened to the Lakers' two best players in under a minute of difference. Sometimes basketball gives fans a lot to think of. This time, they witnessed two painful coincidences, as well as the Lakers' 11th loss of the season. 

They're now under .500, but still, remain 7th in the Western Conference standings. The Kings are showing a better face after they parted ways with Luke Walton, yet it's too early to say if they can make the playoffs this campaign. 

LeBron James, who blamed himself for the ls finished the game with 30 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds. AD contributed with 23 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. However, none of that mattered as the Kings took the 141-137 win to keep the alarms set at Staples Center. 

The Lakers still have a lot of work to do if they want to fight for the championship next year. The way they're playing right now makes fans wonder if they're even good enough to make the postseason.